About Us

The Greenhouse Gas Group at Royal Holloway was first formed in an initial form in 1995. Egham’s (London) greenhouse gas time series is the longest UK mainland record and one of the world’s longest urban records. The laboratory is equipped to carry out high precision, high sample number δ13C(CH4) and δ13C(CO2) measurements, and operates remote CO2 and methane monitoring stations at Barra, Ascension Is, Falklands, Jersey and an instrument on the BAS ship, the James Clark Ross. The group has a long-running interest in Arctic methane studies, with many publications since 1989, and in the use of CH4 isotopes to verify UK and EU emissions declarations and inventory assessments. The laboratory now has a continuous data record for methane from October 2005 and a CO record since 1997.


Prof. Euan Nisbet
Dr Dave Lowry
Dr Rebecca Fisher
Dr James France
Mathais Lanoiselle
Barbara White

Current Research Students

Semra Bakkaloglu
Julianne Fernandez.
Aalia Al-Shalaan

Associated GGRG Staff

Dr Kevin Clemitshaw

Recently Graduated Research Students

Dr Giulia Zazzeri https://www.researchgate.net/profile/G_Zazzeri

Dr Ivan Hernandez https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Ivan_Hernandez_Paniagua

Dr Rebecca Brownlow https://www.rug.nl/staff/r.brownlow/research