The following list of facilities are those currently available for use in the greenhouse gas laboratory at Royal Holloway. These facilities can be used for commercial and collaborative project work on greenhouse gas analysis through contact with the group:

High precision high accuracy CRDS CO2, CH4, N2O, CO analysis
Methane Isotopic analysis-GC-Continuous Flow- Mass Spectrometry
Mobile vehicle-mounted CRDS lab


In detail these instruments include:

2 x Trace Gas preconcentrator and IsoPrime mass spectrometer (GV Instruments) – analysis of δ13C of CH4 and δ 13C and δ 18O of CO2 in smaller (75 cm3) air samples, since March 2003.

Los Gatos Research Cavity Ringdown Specrometer for analysis of CH4 / CO2 and H2O at intervals as fast as per second

Picarro g2301 (http://www.picarro.com/gas_analyzers/flight_co2_ch4_h2o) fitted for mobile use and air inlets attached to the departmental land rover for true mobile monitoring of CO2 and CH4.

HP 5890 GC-FID – continuous measurement (at 30 minute intervals) of CH4 mixing ratios since October 1995.

Trace Analytical Reduction Gas Detector – continuous measurement (at 30 minute intervals) of CO and H2 mixing ratios since September 1996.

Peak Performer I – continuous measurement (at 5 minute intervals) of CO and H2 mixing ratios since July 2007.

LICOR 6252 NDIR analyser – continuous measurement (at 1 to 5 minute intervals) of CO2 mixing ratios since August 1999.

Radon meter (supplied by University of Heidelberg) – continuous measurement of 222Rn since May 2003.

NIWA-designed cryogenic extraction line and PRISM mass spectrometer – analysis of δ13C of CH4 for air collected in tanks, since 1995.

Weather station – temperature, barometric pressure, wind speed, wind direction and humidity measured since February 1996. Weather station updated in 2007.