Opportunities to work with or as part of the Greenhouse Gas Research Group will be posted here:

Currently applications are welcomed for short visits through the InGOS program.

Students wishing to pursue a Masters by Research program are encouraged to contact Dr Dave Lowry or Prof Euan Nisbet to discuss project options.

Currently we have no open Ph.D opportunities

Ongoing Projects

  • Fugitive methane emissions from the gas distribution system: southern North Sea and UK midstream to downstream delivery.
  • Environmental baseline monitoring associated with shale gas development
  • New methodologies for methane removal from the atmosphere
  • MEMO2 (MEthane goes MObile: MEasurement and MOdelling)
  • The Global Methane Budget (MOYA)
Available Projects

Links to new projects and associated Ph.D / MRes opportunities will appear here

Past Projects

NERC (Natural Environmental Research Council) Funded Projects

EC Funded

  • 2011-2015 InGOS (EU)
  • 2007-2011 GeoMan
  • 2007-2011 IMECC
  • 2006-2009 Eurohydros

Other Funded Projects

  • 2013 Methane oxidation by Landfill covered soils. (With NPL Analytical Science Division and RHUL -DEFRA funded project)
  • 2011 Methane oxidation by landfill cover soils (Funded by the National Physics Laboratory in conjunction with DEFRA)